Most Frequently Requested Appellate Cases

The links here represent the most frequently requested appellate cases. You may also search by the appellate case number or trial court case number in the "Look Up Case" box in the upper right corner of this screen.

Most Requested Trial Court Cases
Appellate Case Name Appellate Case Number Date Opened/Filed Case Status
Michael Dunleavy v. Alaska Legislative Council S17666 12/18/2019 Closed
Yvonne Ito v. Copper River Native Association S17965 1/4/2021 Ripe for Decision
Scott A. Kohlhaas, The Alaskan Independence Party, Robert M. Bird, and Kenneth P. Jacobus v. State of Alaska, Division of Elections S18210 10/14/2021 Closed
ITMO 2021 Redistricting Cases S18332 3/25/2022 Draft Circulating
Madilyn Short, et al. v. State of Alaska, Office of Management & Budget, et al. S18333 2/25/2022 Closed
ITMO 2021 Redistricting Plan S18419 5/24/2022 Closed
State v. Corbisier S18442 6/11/2022 Draft Circulating
Guerin v. State S18457 6/24/2022 Opinion Issued