Participants and Attorneys

S11165   D.B. Sr., and D.B. v State of Alaska, DFYS
Participant Role Side Attorney
C.B Minor DOB 8/23/95 Party Unassigned Unassigned
D.B. Minor DOB: 8/14/00 Party Unassigned
Kracker, Erica Z
P O Box 1888
Palmer, AK 996451888
(907) 745-5722
D. B., Sr. (Father) Party Appellant
McCune, G Blair
3755 E Baylor Cir
Wasilla, AK 996544543

D.B. (Mother) Party Appellant
Moberly, Michael A A
711 M Street Ste. 2
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 276-5297
State of Alaska, DYFS Party Appellee
Branch, Daniel N
P O Box 110300
Juneau, AK 998110300