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A12866   State of Alaska v Peter Nicori [Lead Appeal: A12886] A12886 Closed
Dkt# Doc Document Item Status Date Filed or Issued Filed or Issued By
5 Notice: Printing of Briefs Mailed 12/11/2017 Court
4 Notice: Printing of Briefs Reply Mailed 5/22/2017 Court
3 Notice: Notice of Filing Mailed 5/19/2017 Court
1 Trial Court Proceedings Stay Filed 5/16/2017 State of Alaska
2 Consideration Expedite Filed 5/16/2017 State of Alaska
7 Order Re 2: Consideration Expedite Granted 5/16/2017 Court
6 Order Re 1: Trial Court Proceedings Stay Granted 5/16/2017 Court