S11814   M.H. v State, OCS
Dkt# Doc Document Item Status Date Filed or Issued Filed or Issued By
11 Notice: Printing of Briefs Mailed 8/30/2005 Court
2 Appellee's Brief Complete 8/22/2005 State, OCS
10 Notice: Appellant's Brief Printing Due Mailed 8/3/2005 Court
1 Appellant's Brief Complete 7/28/2005 M.H. (Father)
13 Order Re 7: Brief Appellant Extend Time to File Granted 7/11/2005 Court
7 Brief Appellant Extend Time to File Filed 7/6/2005 M.H. (Father),
9 Notice: Appellant Brief Due Mailed 6/16/2005 Court
12 Order Re 6: Transcript Designation Accept Late Granted 3/11/2005 Court
6 Transcript Designation Accept Late Filed 3/9/2005 State, OCS,
8 Opening Notice Mailed 2/7/2005 Court